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GoldNet Engineerig Group

GoldNet Engineering Group 

GoldNet Engineering Group is a Knowledge base company with CRA License from Data Services, was founded in 2000 to initiate services in ICT solutions. Well stablished entity with more than fifteen years of experience in ICT Solutions, has already patented more than 8 inventions, 7 knowledge-based products and registered 4 commercial brands,2 Operation licenses, 2 IP67 Standard licenses and Confirmation of Vehicle Tracker Sample.

Our company competitive advantages are scientific capability to define, assess and monitor performance of integration-based projects in three fields of software, hardware and network, professional experts, Codification of national standards, giving consultation to telecom companies and security monitoring in different levels of projects implementations are other company’s advantages.

This holding always attempts to provide the most up to date services. we  have offices in the UAE (Dubai), New Zealand (Auckland),  and UK (London). Opening more international communication channels has enabled goldnet to easily transfer new technologies.

GoldNet engineers with varying degrees in IT & Telecommunication expertise have made enormous efforts to satisfy customers since 2000.Having expertise in all the telecom fields, wherever required goldnet has attempted to develop own competitive products. GoldNet laboratory  endeavored in achieving  the latest technologies to be able to evaluate own local products compared with major telecom companies. we have summarized the various classes of products that our company offers currently.

What We Do?

  • HW/SW/Network Integration Solutions
  • GoldNet Carrier Level Billing and Accounting Solutions
  • Embedded System Design/Firmware Programming
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Blockchain-Based Services and Cryptocurrencies
  • VoIP-Based Services

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