Blockchain-based Services

Blockchain can be as an infrastructure for several business and industrial applications such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Tourism Industry, IoT, Financial Systems, Health, Energy, Insurance, Charity, Digital Id, Data Sharing, Copyright, Payment Methods, Tax, Data Backup, Data Tracking, etc. We provide Blockchain development services for entrepreneurs and companies looking to develop innovative use cases using Blockchain-based solutions.

What We Offer?

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Development

Design and implement public or private Blockchain services as a platform for immutable record and stored data using cryptography-based technologies.

blockchain smart contracts

Smart Contract Audit and Development

Develop and Implement smart contract on Ethereum network or other platforms. The smart contract code will facilitate, verify and enforce the negotiation or performance of an agreement or transaction.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract security is integral to the Blockchain ecosystem. We can help you optimize your smart contract code and identify security flaws, errors, and inefficiencies.


Develop DApps based-on Blockchain

Deploying Test Nets for developing Decentralized Applications (DApp)

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Design and implementation of an online virtual payment gateway named as Crypto Gateway, which you can offer on your online store.

Crypto gateway
Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining

Creating a Mining farm to mine Ethereum is one of our activities. Moreover, we offer consulting services for miners about equipment and process. In addition, we have provided a Miner application in order to mine digital currencies like Monero with referral link option.

Digital Currency Trading Products

Smart Trader Bot, Signal app for cryptocurrencies and an Expert application for trading digital currencies with guaranteed principal of the capital, are our products to help cryptocurrency traders getting improved result and facilitate trading process.

cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency Mining

Decentralized Exchange called CryptoEx

We designed and developed a decentralized exchange based on BitShares called CryptoEx, and provided a trading simulator based on CryptoEx for new learners without spending any cost.

Develop new Tokens or coins

Consulting and development services about design and implementation of new crypto tokens and coins.


Crowd Sale for Initial Coin Offerings

We develop secure and efficient smart contracts for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). This type of funding is especially suitable for decentralized applications (DApps).

Research and Development

Research and development in the fields of Cloud Mining، Crypto Banking، C2C Services, Crypto ATM and Crypto Brokerage



Provide Test-Bed environment for implementing and testing applications based on the Ethereum network.

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