Chakavak OTT Messenger

chakavak OTT Messenger

Chakavak Messenger Application

The messenger “Chakavak" is a system that empowers the leaders of large organizations to achieve strategic goals by gathering micro and macro information.

With the distinctive messaging capabilities, the operational teams act under a virtual roof and the queue and headquarters spacing would be disappeared.

By storing data locally, it facilitate to measure, analyze and direct the processes and missions of the organization.

Introduction of Chakavak OTT Messenger

  • Mobile Messenger application and Internet Phone
  • IP-based communication system
  • All types of communications (including voice, video and text calls) are available on the Internet
  • Application compatible with a variety of operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and web-based
  • Manage and control of the application and its users according to the operators' requests
  • Ease of support at all levels of technical and non-technical capabilities due to the presentation and development of applications within the country

Chakavak Application Public Features

  • Ability to send text and multimedia messages
  • Group/ Private chat
  • Free call with other application users
  • Access to the mobile contacts list
  • Ability to define and connect to the several different servers (Option)
  • Possibility to define the bot services (Option)
  • Ability to share several types of media or files
  • Possibility to preview received files before downloading
  • Ability to archive files

Competitive Advantageous

  • Team empowerment
  • High Security and Local Servers
  • High speed due to using distributed data system
  • No need for the users to use other messengers like Telegram, WhatsApp, and even Skype with unique features.
  • Ability to broadcast organizational messages such as guidelines and administrative recommendations
  • Cloud-based application that makes it accessible from any device and is simultaneously synced to all devices.

Chakavak Organizational Features

Provide apps on all platforms
Ability to communicate with other messengers through the API
The ability to exchange information at a very high speed without the use of the Internet
Stability and high speed due to the use of data distribution mechanism
Ability to integrate with mobile operators
Possibility to send encrypted text / call / video messages
Ability to apply different permissions to groups / to individuals
Ability to save and send information in any organization
The ability to add secure value-added modules such as payment options (Option)
High security due to end-to-end encryption

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