Always Online by Using GoldNet SIP Phone (GoldPhone):
Voice Over IP (VoIP) is a well-known IP based service that mostly utilizes SIP for providing phone calls. Despite its popularity, sometimes it becomes useless. Actually the infrastructure must guarantee the application of this end-to-end protocol, but when it comes to cellphones Apple forces us to follow its own instructions. Of course it’s not that easy…
From the iOS 10 and later on, your VoIP client is useless unless you be an Apple developer with good knowledge of network, or you pay for your calls to reach you!
Try GoldNet solution to receive your calls or to transfer your client calls to them. For end users, simply they configure their service provider settings on GoldPhone to use our Push Notification Service and miss no more call. It’s completely compatible with all SIP services including call and messaging, we provide a SIP Push Notification framework for resolving iOS inbound calls/messages problem.
In fact The Apple Push server is the only one who can access iOS devices sending a Push notification to your phone, that alerts GoldPhone to wake-up and ring.
This way, all problems with SIP calls on your SIP phone in Sleep/Lock mode are solved and you will be always reachable!

GoldPhone at a Glance


General Features of GoldPhone Application

  • Free calling with other users
  • Ability to make incoming and outgoing calls with SIM card numbers and cost reduction
  • Access to mobile contact list
  • View user call record (log)
  • Ability to show user location automatically  and optional
  • Ability to define SIP user automatically and without user interference

Security Features of GoldPhone Application

  • Enabling  SNMP-v3 protocol for monitoring servers
  • Encrypt user information in database server
  • Secure transmission between web server and mobile application
  • Encrypt data for all of the database inputs
  • Consider a firewall for access restriction only for services and certain ports

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