GoldTrax Vehicle Tracker


GoldTrax Tracker device is locally designed in Research & Development department of GoldNet, with Patent license from Patent Office and industry property with registration number of 38713702.

Software access and management is Web-based and the device local design and implementation provide its hardware and software customization and personalization with the lowest service charge.

GoldTrax at a Glance


unique accessories and features:

  • Displaying the geographical location on map by online tracking
  • Device automatic movement recognition and stopping data transmission in order to save SIM card credit
  • Ability to show speed, direction, battery charge level, status information of the vehicle i.e. being turned on/off
  • Remote control of the device
  • Sending information via SMS
  • Voice conversation between driver and manager
  • Saving location data on memory (MMC)
  • Viewing SIM card credit and the ability to charge it online
  • Setting up the device remotely via sending SMS or using GPRS
  • Specifying restricted areas on vehicle movements
  • Sending commands to the vehicle i.e. turning off the engine and connection with the car alarm (Optional)
  • It can be connected to the police communication port and required information can be transferred to the police server (the only owner of the Technical Certificate from police)
  • Showing management reports on fuel consumption, mobility, movements and etc.
  • Defining a periodical time interval or an specified distance for sending data
  • Possibility of filtering features, grouping and defining the permitted areas
  • Mobile phone application (Android/iOS)
  • Warning notification to inform the operator of permitted area exceed, speed limits exceed, stop time limit on a spot through user software or by sending an SMS or Email to a specific phone number or Email address

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