GoldTrax Vehicle Tracker

What is GoldTrax?

GoldTrax Tracking System designed to eliminate the issues caused by lack of supervision on the mobile resources outside the organization, such as vehicles, machineries and human resources. This solution is a combination of devices and applications (server-client), using Satellite technology and GPS over GSM network infrastructure and relying on existing infrastructure, helps in tracking mobile resources, locating their geographical addresses and making it feasible to optimally manage them.

The access and management software is available in both Web-based and Mobile application formats. Also, thanks to the local design of the device and its implementation inside the country, customization on both hardware and software aspects of the product is possible

GoldTrax at a Glance


GoldTrax Main Features

Online Positioning and Geofence
Send Information via SMS
Connect to car Diag port
Store Information on Device Memory
SMS Notifications
Online Device Status
Configure device with SMS or from Site
Two Sending Modes
View SIM Status

GoldTrax Main Activity


Connect Device to GPS Satellite


Send Information to Server


Calculate Position


Save Information in the Server


Connect Device to GPRS


Show Information to Users


GoldTrax Software Architecture

  • GoldNet Map Service
  • GoldNet Map Website
  • Map Server
  • Cache Server
  • GoldNet Monitoring Services
  • SMS Panel


GoldTrax Database Plan

Indexing Tables
Using Partitions
Design Optimizations
Using Cache Server

Competitive Advantages of GoldTrax Vehicle Tracker

  • Ability to connect via Bluetooth (Android version) and perform commands such as updating, reporting and applying special instructions.
  • Ability to connect to the vehicle diagnosis and display ECU information of the vehicle and inform online the car technical fault alarms (optional).
  • Possibility to integrate with other systems of Government organizations and domestic company.
  • Possibility to provide server-side software system.
  • Ability to personalize the product in OEM and ODM format.
  • IP67 verified (waterproof & dust proof)
  • Ability to manage sending or not submitting points at the discretion of the vehicle owner
  • Automatic detection of  car stops and optimal data sending
  • Ability to connect to the police port and transfer the required information to the police (optional).
  • Ability to connect to the different vehicle sensors such as temperature, weight, fuel and etc (optional).
  • Ability to create various controls on the device, such as speed area control (GeoFence), and receive text messages from the system if the vehicle is in violation of these controls.
  • Turning of the vehicle remotely by sending commands.
  • Upgrading the device remotely and without the device from the car (OTA Update)
  • Ability to connect to the vehicle diagnosis and display ECU information about technical faults.
  • Detecting the Jammer-applying by the robbers- and provide timely notifications and alarms, turning of the vehicle if the Jammer is detected in order to prevent theft.

Automatic detection and notification of car defects

Providing proactive customer support service to the car manufacturers or end-users of the automobile tracking product is possible with the use of the GoldTrax Advanced Vehicle Tracker.

By real-time posting the car status via the ECU port and making connection to your car’s computer, the potential defects of the car will be informed to you (and if you want, to the car's closest assistance, too). Eventually this process will increase the customer satisfaction.

This system will make the usage of your vehicle as safe as possible with deep analytics, behavioral analysis, and diagnostic monitoring, so you can drive with confidence!

It can also aggregate your driving patterns and suggest ways to drive more economically to save gas and optimize the use of tires and vehicle equipment. This information can also be shared with your insurance company to reduce your premium!

Proactive customer support system services

  • The possibility of installing the SOS Emergency Key and sending the message as requested by the manufacturer and distributor of the vehicle (incl. requesting for the service from the driver’s side, sending the type of error occurred in the vehicle, etc.)
  • The ability to predict the next purchase of customer by checking the purchasing process and patterns and other customer information
  • Possibility of informing the customer about the defects of the car
  • Possibility to offer suitable purchasing options to the customer
  • Tracking, investigating and analyzing market conditions by marketers via continuous use of data
  • Saving the cost and time, and avoidance of trial and error
  • Already integrated with organizational infrastructure in Australia
  • Staying connected continuously and online to the vehicle
Proactive customer support system services

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