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As a pioneer in providing Carrier WiFi solutions, GoldNet Billing/ Accounting software (Windows Application) not only acts as Radius Server but also it can interact as a translator between Radius and Diameter AAA Servers. This means from now on, all hotspot solutions can directly intract to all enterprise networks such as Mobile Operators.

This solution has potential customers from Mobile Operators and ISPs to Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee shops(in Access Layer) and also wherever you would like to manage your local internet users without any investment.







Wi-Fi Hotspot (Based on GNAS)


Carrier level Wi-Fi platform integrated with Wi-Fi calling solutions that provides Captive portal, with SIM authentication to subscribers and Integrated with OSS/BSS, OCS, SMSC, HSS, and HLR.
One of the recent GoldNet projects is extending Mikrotik devices to support Diameter Protocol as it is necessary for the Billing/Charging of the Wifi users of a mobile operator. This software really brings an enterprise application of Mikrotik devices into all mobile operators using Diameter protocol for the billing/charging purposes.


GoldNet Wi-Fi Platform Component


Basic Features

  • GNAS- Full Feature AAA Server (Diameter/Radius)
  • Captive Portal Server (Optional)
  • Diameter-based Online Charging Systems (OCS)
  • Client and Server Integrations
  • Billing, Charging & Settlement
  • RADIUS accounting querying via Console Application
  • Subscriber blacklisting
  • Online Charging
  • Voucher and Scratch Cards
  • SMS-Based Sign-up
  • MAC-based Authentication
  • Password provided to user via SMS


Security Features

  • Wi-Fi Access Controller
  • Encrypt user authentication data in AAA server
  • Usage Limit on a daily basis
  • Policy Management
  • Controlling the User Experience
  • Controlling the purchase
  • Implementing IEEE 802.1x standard for subscribers to log into Access point (access layer) and get authenticated via AAA server
  • Web-based secured authentication using PAP/CHAP over HTTPS enabled Captive Portal
  • SIM-based secured authentication using EAP-SIM/ AKA/ PEAP / TLS / TTLS





  • GoldNet Engineering Group Pty Ltd
    Factory 14, 86 Pipe Road
    Laverton North, Victoria
    Australia 3026
  • +61370011411
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