GoldTrax Licensed to access Live Public Transport Data in Victoria


What is the role of Mobile Applications in supervision of children, work force and assets?

GoldNet develops and deploys the infrastructure to monitor and manage your real time data via a simple mobile app.

Is it really possible? Yes, as a good sample you may see how we did it in our Tracker Application. Live public transport data is accessible on it. Where ever you are in Victoria, find the nearest stop location and exact time!

  • Are you concerned for the safety of your children on the way to school or entertainment?
  • Can you imagine how much labour cost you can reduce if your employees know the are supervised remotely?
  • Do you know a simple mobile app can keep eyes on your valuable resources?

 Tell us what you are concerned of, and we will take care of it...

  • Online Tracker

Nowadays, we can observe high increasing rate of operational activities and expenses. Considering the growth we have in human resources and organization expansion both physically and geographically, optimized management of organization resources is a key indicator of a company success. Resource management includes optimized patterns of ingredients consumption besides deploying operational procedures of reasonable cost and time management of resources (staff and tools).

Tools and staff are the resources which make majority of operational expenses for an organization. This is specifically important for organizations whose services or goods are distributed to customers via their vehicles. GoldNet tracking system designed to eliminate the issues caused by lack of visibility on mobile external resources. This solution with a combination of devices and applications (server-client), using Satellite technology and GPS over GSM (to LTE) network infrastructure, helps in tracking mobile resources, locating their geographical addresses and making it feasible to optimally manage them. Various Reporting modules help you monitor all your assets online and track related costs.


  • Security and Peace, by Tracking mobile phones!

You can monitor children or aged people, work force or delivery services if you already have a smart phone!

Now you know exactly where the school bus is, that it's very important for both the parents and schools. In order to fulfill your aim, we offer you our new product, GoldTrax to bring down the costs and increase safety for the school students.

GoldTrax vehicle tracking solutions deliver the real-time intelligence you need to optimize your operation, reduce costs and improve safety.

Use it to:

  • Find the exact location of your vehicle
  • Monitor and optimize routes to ensure on-time arrivals.
  • Check the driver behavior.
  • Manage the fuel usage.
  • Report the route-activity data that parents are needed.

With the special monitoring and alarms within the GoldTrax solution, you will be informed about the situation of the system and your devices. Furthermore, with the use of capabilities, the students’ path to the school and return will be monitored and you will be informed in case of any accident.

For safety and assurance, you can configure the system to alert you with instant warnings of issues or problems.




  • Organizational Fleet management

In the public sector you have to accomplish your obligations with limited resources. You’re always under pressure to reduce costs, be active and transparent and provide better services. In what way you can perform a government fleet as an example on a limited budget and make it all work?

With Government Fleet management solution from Goldtrax you can analyze the amount of cost and functionality. By this solution you are able to:

  • Reduce payroll, fuel expenses and maintenance costs.
  • Increase your fleet activity and addressing mechanical issues.
  • Promote efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Improve services functionality by two-way messaging.

The Government Fleet management solution from Goldtrax delivers an easy-to-read view of performance across your entire fleet on your PC, tablet or smartphone. And to increase capability, its tracking data can also be integrated easily with your internal systems or with special applications developed by our integration partners.



  • What is Tracker?

Simply explained, vehicle tracker is a device which collects the geographical information from the GPS satellites, device information from the ECU and other information from prepared sensors and after processing them, sends them all to a server via the GPRS connection. The user can view this information online with the help of a web panel or in the smart phone.

  • System components

Tracking software consists of two parts: software and hardware. The hardware part has to be installed on the vehicles and with the use of communication tool (such as GSM network) information and commands can be transferred between the server and the vehicle.

In general, the operation of the system is as follows: a tracker device collects the position information with the use of GPS technology. After that, by using a communication network, sends the information to the server. Users view these information with the client application. This application uses a map server to show the positions to the user. The system also provides some other features and controls for the user.


  • How the system operates

As we discussed before, the system components are the vehicles, tracking devices, software server and client which are connected to each other. We are going to discuss them more over here.

Depends on the type of the tracking device, the vehicle can be a car, a truck or even can be someone who is moving. Because of using long life batteries, the device can work up to 12 hours without the need of recharging. With this feature, the device can be used to track human and animals.

Tracking device: The device consists of two main modules: mobile module and GPS module. Using the GPS module, the device obtains its position and then sends the information by using the mobile module. Of course the security issues are considered in this data transfer.

Server software: server software is an interface between devices and the customers’ software. Processing the location points and rendering the map are performed in this software.

Client software: customers can track their vehicles and view the reports in this interface.



  • GoldTrax Mobile Application

This application converts your device to a professional tracker that stores current locations and its related information such as speed, Direction, etc.
It is possible to view the current location on the map by tapping on "Current Location” menu.
Also, you can use "Last hour path" or "Last 72 hour’s path" from the menu in order to view your last 1 hour or 72 hours motion path on the map, respectively.
To view your movement path in a specific time range, you can use the "Path report" item.
To view your movement path from the very beginning, you can use "Fulltime report" which will use the data stored on GoldTrax GPS Tracker servers and able you to retrieve all your movement history from the beginning.







Download GoldTrax Mobile Application


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