GoldTrax Licensed to access Live Public Transport Data in Victoria


Personal Tracker

Personal Tracker with The combination of GPS and GSM technology enables the operator to see the device at any time without any restriction on any location of your vehicle via the Internet or through an SMS anywhere.

Other than personal safety and security, the device can be used to personnel management and human resources

Other features of this tracker:


  1. Switch on or off your car with the use of your cell phone or from the web site
  2. Track your car online or offline from every where
  3. Add Geofence and receive sms in case of violation
  4. Define permissive speed for your car and receive sms in case of violation
  5. Install different sensors on your car such as weight or temperature sensors and view sensor information on web site
  6. Install microphone to hear the sound inside the car
  7. Contact with your driver and talk to him
  8. Connect car alarm to the device
  9. View speed, direction and all movement information, the device hardware status like battery charge and the SIM card charge status.
  10. Send data via SMS, GPRS, and LTE internet access.
  11. Defining a periodical time interval or an specified distance for sending data
  12. Show management reports on fuel consumption, movements and etc.
  13. Online Alarms and automatic warning system which informs the operator of permitted area exceed, speed limit exceed, stop time limitations through user software or by sending an SMS or Email to a specific phone number or Email address.
  14. Device configuration and firmware remote update via sending SMS or using GPRS
  15. Possibility of voice communication with the person holding the device.



  • GoldNet Engineering Group Pty Ltd
    Factory 14, 86 Pipe Road
    Laverton North, Victoria
    Australia 3026
  • +61370011411
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