GoldTrax Licensed to access Live Public Transport Data in Victoria

GoldNet NetPalace is the best integrated web based terminal client to manage all network devices with single /easy to use access. NetPalace is designed to provide a unified access to different equipment via its integrated management system. Accessibility to the specified level, making sure users can easily manage their device, related to their own responsibilities they can access all their reportable activities history.


Some of its features include:

1:Multiple internet browsers supported.

2:Recording history for troubleshooting or rollback procedures to discard all the applied changes on network elements.

3:Users can save configuration they make for further references.

4: SSH, Telnet protocols support.

5: management can access their employees reportable activities.

6: Handling requests from all the users to redirect their requests to the desirable destination via the selected protocol automatically.

7:defining multiple access levels for employees based on their position or responsibility.


  • GoldNet Engineering Group Pty Ltd
    Factory 14, 86 Pipe Road
    Laverton North, Victoria
    Australia 3026
  • +61370011411
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