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IVR Payment

In this system, the payment process is fully executed on a phone call. Hence, the price of goods/services is defined in the system and the receiver/service provider can refer the customer to a secure bank system only using the regular phone and finally see the result of payment online.
An important feature of this system is the ability to pay by phone with unfixed prices.  Amount of money that have to be paid can be specified at the moment of call.

Some of the IVR phone payment service specifications are as below: 


Payments at any time and place only using a phone call
Payment without any delay
Acceptance of all types of bank cards (according to the bank's infrastructures and facilities)
No system limitations in the number of users who use the system simultaneously
Panel for managing operators, supervisors, managers and users access
Provide detail reports of successful and unsuccessful financial transactions
Provide a variety of sales, technical and financial reports in desirable time intervals
Compliance with all bank security issues
Secure and direct communication between the customer and the bank (without intermediaries)
Provides a very high level of security in access the system and save all attempts logs
Ability to monitor call status with performance statistics summary
Record the invoice and assign the payment identifier to the customer
Preparing charts for the employer based on the specific required reports

How It Works?

a. Customer Calls to the IVR System integrated with Payment solution

Customer call process is done either with operator response or automatic IVR call flow.

b. Customer enters card details via telephone keypad

When a payment is required, the operator transfers the customer to the secure IVR payment gateway and the card details entered by the customer using the telephone keypad.

secure payment

c. Card data does not reach the contact center

The IVR payment appliance is an extra server and the card details never send to the contact center systems.

d. Payment result is shown by GoldPay web panel

The payment result is displayed to the operators via the GoldPay web panel and also can be sent through secure web services.


Secure IVR Payment Solution

  • Our core solution utilizes DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tone generation technology to provide companies with a secure way of handling payments by phone.
  • In this way, by upgrading call management systems to the GoldNet IP-PBX secure payment system, it is impossible to hack or sniff the digits in IVR systems for operators or banks.
  • With the addition of the GoldNet IP-PBX subsystem to the existing IVR system, it is possible to perform all kinds of telephone payments securely.
  • We integrate with the call flow and at the point of payment, transfer the customers to the secure IVR payment gateway on their existing phone call.
  • By using this way, nobody can hear or sniff the card data and also the customer and the operator can still speak throughout the entire process.
secure ivr

Web IVR Payment Solution

In order to eliminate the risks of web-payments, provide various payment options and also increase customer satisfaction, you can add a telephone payment option to all web-based systems.
In this type of payment, the software calls to the customer/user's contact number and after user confirmation, payment is made by telephone through the bank's telephone system and the result is sent to the web-based receiver/ service provider.

After that the customer/user purchase order would be completed.

Some of the benefits of this type of payment are as the follow: