Network Quality Monitoring System (Payesh)


This system sends information about network quality and performance (dB) as well as data quality (Ping, Download and Upload). This information, which includes the location of the occurrence of the network test event, sends to the server and operators will view the information based on the provided access. There is also the possibility of automatic and manual transmission of complaints in this system. Operator access restrictions for VIP users, VVIP and CIP are also considered due to the sensitivity of the issue.

The system provides management and monitoring services of the network, as well as complaints filed in the system, by providing management and user panel.

The Mobile App

Mobile app of this system is also implemented on Android and iOS versions. The Mobile application has 5 different sections which would be customized more over time. Mobile App will be reporting the BTS signal quality, Data and Voice quality to the server.

The Mobile App provides the following items:

1) Dashboard:

In this section, the network overall information is presented. If the handset is a Dual-SIM capable one, information of the both network will be reported.

Note: This information can be sent automatically or as per request or on the basis of time interval based on the settings user sets.

2) Voice Quality Measurement:

Specific parameters describe voice quality such as R-Factor and MOS has to be calculated on an end-to-end call which is made to a specific number destined to the server.

2)Test Operation:

Considering the fact that the user is authorized to check the network quality metrics, the following parameters (Based on the current requirements of Mobile Operator, but might become more developed as per request) can be obtained:

– Download Speed

– Upload Speed

– Ping Condition

The user clicks on the “START” button. The tests run and the results are monitored to the user. User can transfer the obtained measurements to the server along with an optional text box enabling her/his to send some sort of additional data.

IMSI or MSISDN can be sent along with the data to enable the system tracks the SIM cards individually.     

1) Complaint:

Similar to the basic form we had in the previous section, there is a specific form, which the user fills in and sends her/his, own complaint to the network.

User can complain the Data, Voice, Signal quality along with a description.

User can also check the previous complaints sent to the core in this Tab.

1) Setting Tab:

All the necessary settings which the user is authorized to select is available in this Tab.

User can select the monitoring data to be sent automatically or as per request, or based on time intervals.

The Web Panel

The Web Panel is designed for the admins to Control and Monitor the system and to view the complaints in a ticketing structure.

Web Panel covers the following items:

  • Administrator Login Form
  • User Management Forms
  • Access Level Administration
  • Network Coverage Map filled with the monitoring data received
  • Complaints received online
  • Forms for the operator to reply the complaints back

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