SIP protocol compliance Test software

Introduction to SIP Protocol

SIP is a client-server protocol, which used to start, manage, and terminate a session between multiple applications. Caller applications or user agents in the role of clients and proxies as intermediary elements for routing messages are embedded in this protocol. Using SIP, especially for voice call over IP (VOIP), has been gaining momentum recently, as far as practically SIP is considered as the signaling protocol in IMS, which is the proposed signaling platform for future network generations. The reasons for the increasing use of SIP are unique capabilities such as the ability to distinguish signaling traffic from data traffic, the independence of the protocol from the content of the messages, type of sessions being formed and the textual nature of the messages. These benefits enable the SIP to support a variety of multimedia communications such as voice, video, and text conversations in a single unit format.

However, the most prominent feature of the SIP protocol is the ability to support user displacement, terminal, service and session switching. Displacement of the user means that a specific user can connect to network from any point and use SIP services, including receiving calls, as you can access your email from anywhere. The SIP protocol also has mechanisms that can be used to communicate with Handoff when the terminal is moving between two networks.

SIP protocol

SIP Protocol Compliance Test

The main purpose of the compliance test is to determine whether the device under test (DUT) is in accordance with standard requirements or not. Testing protocol is a black-box test, which can be subdivided into compliance test, compatibility test, performance test, and so on, that compliance test is the basis of other types of tests.

Introduction to Software

The purpose of this software is to verify compliance of an equipment with SIP-3261 standard. ETSI has developed the SIP protocol testing procedures as ETSI TS 102 027 standard, which is the reference for all compliance Tester.

Moreover, ETSI created a separate subdirectory called TTCN-3, which provides all code libraries based-on XML that can be used to perform the mentioned tests, which describes procedures related to sending and receiving of the packets in accordance with the standard.

Accordingly, GoldNet has implemented the SIP protocol compliance test software, with a completely similar interface based-on exactly the same basis. In this software, it is possible to embed other TTCN-3 protocols as well as 3GPP related standards.

This software tests compliance of different equipment such as IP-Phone, VoIP GW, and IP-PBX with RFC3261 (SIP) standard to check if the equipment meets the standard requirements or not. Like similar software such as Spirent TTSuite SIP, GoldNet software uses standard XML that is implemented with TTCN-3.

Technical Specifications

  • Compliance test of an equipment with SIP-3261 standard
  •  608 full tests for:

o   Behavior of the User Agent as a client or server

o   Proxy-out band and simple proxy

o   Server redirect

o   User register

  • Tests related to valid, invalid, and inappropriate behavior of SIP protocol and syntax changes in the SIP messages.
  •  Perform a fully automated test
  •  Perform test independent of the platform
  • Perform test tracing based on various details of the process
  • Provide a summary of the test results
  •  Define test and documentation in the test based on the TTCN-3 test standard

Software Components

1-Configuration Section

Setting related to program and device under test.

2-Each Messages Section

Here you can see the details of each message.

3-Procedure Section

Test procedure for each test and exchanged messages

4-Running Software Section

View the result during the test / log of sent and received messages during the test

5-Select Test Section

This section shows active tests (true) and passive tests (false). This section contains 533 tests related to ETSI standard. These tests can be divided into 4 parts:

  • Call Control tests
  • Registration tests
  • Messaging tests
  • Querying Capabilities test

6-Statics Section

This section shows the total number and statistics of the tests performed.

How to validate the software?

Different types of VoIP equipment (IP-Phones, Gateways, IP-PBXs) are separately tested by this software and tested by SAFIRE. The PASS or FAIL results of each test should be the same.

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