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GoldNet Engineering Group PTY LTD is a privately owned and operated Australian company that was founded by a group of highly experienced and successful ICT experts and managers with a long history in providing customers with innovative integrated solutions, based on cutting-edge technologies.

GoldNet’s key role in all partnerships is to help SMEs OPTIMISE their processes and SOLVE complicated multi-service-based issues by adopting the best COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES and get the most out of their investment.
Our knowledge management approach in process optimisation and solution architecture guarantees the best outcomes and cost reduction.


The Projects We Participated In As A Consultant And Leader

Wi-Fi Public Hotspot

This solution has potential customers in Mobile Operators, ISPs (in Carrier Level), and in Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee shops (in Access Layer) and also wherever you would like to manage your local internet users.


The AAA Software comprises all the features of a common AAA System (compared to current AAA servers and compatible with Huawei BRAS). It fulfills all the required configuration and control's to establish services in an access layer. This AAA server has been integrated with Huawei, Cisco, MikroTik and ZTE BRAS's.

Mobile Network Quality Monitoring System

This system gathers critical information about network quality and performance (dB) as well as connection quality (Ping, Download and Upload) for mobile users. This information which includes the location of the occurrence of the network test event, is sent to the server, and operators will view the information based on the provided access. There is also the possibility of automatic and manual transmission of complaints in this system.

Online Tracker

Our Tracking Solution covers all basic needs both for personal and commercial applications. User-friendly Web-based control panel and mobile application allow users to monitor their assets and also others. (kids and elderly people)

Telephone Payment

Our IVR payment solution enables the service providers to get their invoices paid via an automated telephone service. Customers call a phone number and make their payment with their Visa, MasterCard, or International cards instantly.

IVR System

IVR systems are designed to simplify the process of organizational accountability in order to give the needed information to customers in an easy and low-cost way. You can reach the great benefits which distinguish your customer's satisfaction from your competitors by upgrading your telephony system to an Interactive Voice Response system and integrating it to your other resources like CRM, Data bases and so on.

VoIP and Messaging Mobile Apps

All organizations need a mobile messaging and VoIP platform to allow their users to send messages and make free secure calls within the organization or to the remote workers. This solution will bring lots of features like making voice calls, managing conference calls, sending messages, and so on.


An IP-PBX system (or IP Telephony) is able to manage calls on the IP platform which is getting very popular on the Internet and computer networks, IP-PBX can control calls between organizations and communicate remote overseas spots easily. It can also be integrated into other organization resources like CRM.

Performance Monitoring Software

Network/Hardware/Software monitoring solutions are one of the most important activities of an IT team in an organization that can increase the efficiency and security of the organization running platforms and services.

Medical Emergency Management System

Medical Emergency Management System covers all emergency needs such as fleet management (using online Tracking System), Emergency Automation System (which reduces the duration of arriving the paramedics to the destination and transferring the patient to the hospital), and integrates to all the related processes.

Patient Follow-Up System

Follow-Up System is a software designed for patients and physicians with lots of useful features. This System was implemented to produce a completely integrated system to manage and follow up patients' inquiries and treatment.

Cancer Registry System

This system was implemented to record the Thyroid Cancer patient’s data for Data Mining purposes.

Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracker

Anti-Theft Tracker leveraging the benefits of GPS/GSM technologies, car digital diagnostic data, and car alarm system integration, will make any vehicle safe from all burglars. 


GoldNet Engineering Group provides customers with the most up to date and high-tech solutions to optimise the processes and reduce the costs.

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